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Monday, February 15, 2021
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UPDATE: 2/17/2021

Your Co-op Is Working Hard to Keep Your Power On

The extreme freezing weather that has a grip on Texas is affecting all of us. We know what you are going through because the employees of your co-op and their families are going through this with you. Lineworkers are working around the clock outdoors and with little sleep to hold our system together. Others are working in the cold dark to keep the electricity flowing safely—for your family and theirs.

Right now Texans are experiencing a combination of unprecedented scenarios.

First, because of the record-setting freezing weather in all 254 counties, the demand for electricity in Texas is greater than what can be produced at power plants. To avoid damage to the power grid, utilities across the state, including your co-op, have been ordered to implement rolling blackouts. Unfortunately we have no choice but to comply with these directives.

Second, since last Thursday, the entire state has experienced freezing rain, snow, wind gusts and relentless cold that have damaged poles, wires and equipment that keep the power flowing. The physical damage to your co-op takes time to repair, especially in extreme conditions. Normally co-ops from across the state assist one another by providing hundreds of crews who can help. Because the damage is statewide and travel is dangerous, the movement of crews is limited for now.

Third, power plants require water to operate. Temperatures across all of Texas have remained below freezing for five days and are expected to remain there for several more. The water used by some power plants is frozen, limiting the generating capacity in the state.

Please know that we understand your frustration. Your co-op is committed to serving you, and we are working tirelessly to keep the lights on and you and your families safe.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) which manages the electric grid in Texas, has required CCECA and other utilities across the state to begin a manual load shed program. This program is designed to protect the electric grid during times of extreme usage and limited generation. CCECA is monitoring the situation and will begin restoration efforts as soon as allowed.

Please call (844) 326-5710 to report outages.

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