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Meter Loops and Easements

Meter Loops

For electric service at a new location, you will need a meter loop, a conductive wire that connects the meter to your home or business. You will need provide your own meter loop, please make sure the meter loop is located at your site and completely assembled according to our specifications before construction of your electric service begins.


Meter Loop Specifications

Overhead Service

Overhead Service - Temporary Pole

Overhead Above Roof Line

Overhead Below Roof Line

Overhead to Multiple Outlets

Underground Service

Underground Service - Temporary Pole

Underground Free Standing

If you have any questions about the Meter Loop Specifications or Line Extension forms, please contact the Engineering Department at (903) 683-2248.


An easement is a written document signed by the landowner, which grants Cherokee County Electric Cooperative permission to access and use a portion of the landowner’s property to construct, maintain, operate, repair, replace, relocate and remove any of the necessary components for supplying electricity to its members. The easement must be signed by all landowner(s) or the landowner’s authorized representative before a notary public

Members must give CCECA the rights, privileges and easements necessary to construct, operate, repair, replace and perpetually maintain electric equipment and facilities located on the member’s owned or leased property, and in or on all streets, roads or highways abutting their property. All service lines providing members with electricity and all switches, meters and other appliances and equipment constructed or installed by CCECA on the property belong solely to CCECA, and CCECA can access the property to repair or service those items and, upon discontinuation of service, to remove them.

Easement Form

Texas Land Owners Bill of Rights

Line Extentions

Relocation of Existing Electrical Equipment

Applicants shall pay a non-refundable contribution-in-aid-of-construction fee for all costs associated with facility relocations.

This is done at the sole option and discretion of CCECA.

Ownership of Electrical Equipment

CCECA has complete ownership and control of all electric equipment and facilities, and can serve others from any line or any extension without refunding to a member or members any part of payments made or crediting any bill.