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Cherokee County Electric Cooperative

Right-of-way clearance

Tree trimming policy

It is the intent and goal of Cherokee County Electric Cooperative Association to perform right-of-way tree trimming maintenance on the entire distribution system on a five-year continuous cycle.  Herbicide application is used as part of the maintenance of the right-of-way as needed on selected areas determined by management.  Policies and common practices dealing with routine right-of-way maintenance are summarized below.

The standard width for distribution right-of-way is 30 feet (15 feet on either side of centerline) for overhead line and 10 feet for underground.  The same widths apply for service wire, however, maintenance of service right-of-ways remain the responsibility of the member/land owner.  The Cooperative will disconnect and remove the line when requested and needed (as determined by the Cooperative) in order for the member or his representative to cut and/or trim the service right-of-way.

Clean up of debris associated with tree trimming will be handled and determined as required on a case by case situation.  The general practice is to clean up areas such as, yards, pastures, and right-of-way that is being mowed and maintained by the property owner.  Wooded areas, underbrush, and areas not being maintained by the owner will be left to decompose.  Along fence rows, limbs too large to mow over will be stacked along the fence.

For questions regarding ROW please contact Roy Foreman at 903-683-2248 ext. 3088 or email